Vocal Instruction

A Musical Sensation Presents: Victoria Adams Singer & Vocal Coach
USE OF FACIAL MUSCLES: Lifting from the “Hinge” to avoid leading with the bottom jaw; separation of tongue and jaw muscles.
BREATHING: Using the diaphragm and keeping the breath out of the chest, opening the back of the throat and proper posture
DICTION: Understanding vowels, placement and frontal positions so your words are understood and the voice is full and resonating.
PITCH: Training the Inner Ear and Sight Reading. Pitch is also associated with proper placement and tongue and jaw muscles.
MUSICAL THEATER: “Drawing the audience in.” Color words, phrasing, stage presence.

Save money on a ten lesson package for one hour classes at the rate of only $425.

Workshops for Choir and Musical Theater Groups are also offered- rates are negotiable.

Lessons are currently available in Evanston, IL.  Please call to schedule an appointment.

For more information call: (702) 787-8982 or email me at victoria@amusicalsensation.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Victoria Adams at Piano