As the end of the year approaches, I would like to thank my students for the amazing progress they have made in their singing! You have worked so hard and it shows on your face and in your voice. May you continue to grow and let your voice be heard! Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!



Get ready for the Winter season. Musical theater classes available starting
Wednesdays December 13, 2017 to Feb 14, 2017
from 5pm-6:30pm
A workshop designed to help students understand
and develop the performance of musical theater.
Students will be coached through group and solo
performances. Students will be taught vocal
technique and the importance of staging, lyrics
analysis, character development and performance
skills. Students will explore the unique demand of
performing in the musical theater while learning the
process of working a song and making the song
come across to the audience.
Location: Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center
Age: 10 yrs. through adult
Fee: $100 R/$110 NR
Gibbs /Morrison Center